Life´s Purpose

Most of the people do not stop to think what they want to become in life. They just do things without any purpose and it implies doing things without any sense. I mean, have you ever thought what do you want to do in the next week, next month or next year? Even more, Have … More Life´s Purpose

The questions´s power.

The best leaders and people have a least one thing in common; They ask great questions. They ask questions that force themselves to move beyond simple answers. These questions require reasoning, that spark curiosity, to generate powerful insights. Those question generally require deeply thinking. The real leaders has to empower their organizations with the same … More The questions´s power.

Dublin; Here I come!

23 years old, lived in five different cities, four different countries in the last five years of my life. Furthermore, two fluently languages (Spanish and English) and know  the basics of another (Italian). Moreover, Energy Engineering, Business Innovation Master, Entrepreneurial projects won. All of this is due to get good scholarships to study in top … More Dublin; Here I come!